Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at or via text 716-229-9000

General Questions

The deadline for shipping horse hair in for Christmas orders is Saturday, November 19h, this is 4 weeks before USPS First Class last shipping date, and this is the date the hair must be delivered to me. 

I am continuously working hard to get orders out in time so any orders recieved after this date may still arrive in time as I can have orders out in as little as 2 days but do not rely on it.

Memorials & Keepsakes

Once your horse hair arrives the processing time is approximately, next day - 3 weeks.

I do these weekly, sometimes biweekly so it's based on when your order arrives within this time frame. Sometimes they arrive on washing day, others arrive just as I finish up for the previous week.

Use your hands to judge the amount of hair that you mailing in. Place your hand around the number of fingers needed for each item and then around the amount of hair your sending in. Your package should also not weigh more than 4oz per item (up to 6oz for necklaces), if it does you are mailing in too much.


  • Minimum length of 12" and must be solid and not wisp off at this point. 
  • Minimum bundle diameter of 1-2 fingers per item.


  • Minimum length of 10" longer than size selected.
  • Minimum bundle diameter of 2-3 fingers per item.


  • Minimum length of 6"
  • Minimum bundle diamter of your pointer finger or sharpie marker per item.
  • Great option for mane & forelock hair!


  • No minimum length or width, can be installed in a variety of ways.


All unused hair is returned with your completed order!

  1. Place your order online first.
  2. Collect the amount needed and secure the top thickest part with a rubber band, hair tie or tape.
  3. Place hair in a zip-lock bag and label it with the horse's name and your contact number.
  4. Place in any kind of mailer with your address written on the outside, this is so I can pair it up with your order when it arrives.

Ship to,

Hoofbeat Designs

9361 Older Hill Rd

Franklinville, NY 14737

Orders are canceled and refunded if they are deemed unsafe or if the instructions were not followed. They are returned with tracking, these reasons include but are not limited too;

  • rotten flesh
  • excessive moisture/mold
  • infested with ticks/bugs
  • matted
  • human hair
  • no info to pair up order
  • no hair or communication in over 30 days


We offer returns on all in stock items within 30 days. Unfortunately, we are unable to take back custom orders unless it was a mistake on our end. What is a custom order? Anything that was made a certain size or was a requested item or was customized with wording.


Yes we do! This option is available during checkout.