Brand Ambassador

Our Brand Ambassadors are required to share posts each week including new products we offer, our posts, or custom items.

The more you share, the more sales potential you gain: By promoting our brand to your social media channels and our products at local shows our Brand Ambassadors are able to earn a commission off of all sales they create by customers who use their personalized ambassador code at checkout!

For every purchase made, our ambassadors will receive a 10% commission, which can be applied to any product! Ambassadors also get marketing materials to distribute at shows and their barn for additional exposure! This is a fun, easy way to earn some free items, and promote a fun, new product! 


Hoofbeat Designs is not currently looking for any brand ambassadors to help promote the brand.


At the moment we only have one brand ambassador promoting our brand. Her name is Nikki Blanton and you can view her social media channels here...

Instagram @blanto778

Facebook @nicole.blanton.96

Feel free to message her for a coupon code worth 10% off any purchase amount! She's happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about the brand.