Horse Hair Care


To ensure longevity of your horsehair you should treat it carefully. Avoid wearing it on the same wrist as other items as they can snag the hairs. Avoid drying with a hairdryer or other heat source as the heat can melt the glue in the end caps. Also avoid any harsh chemicals such as acetone's and bleaches as these can damage the hair and resin/glue.



Q. Do I need to wash or treat my horse hair?

A. No, all the work has been done for you. All you need to do is wear your new keepsake it is maintenance free.

Q. How do I ensure longevity of my new keepsake?

A. Avoid water as this can break down the glue in the end caps over time. Swimming, hot tub, ponds, ect you should always take your bracelet off. 

Q. A couple hairs have come out is this normal, what do I do?

A. Yes this is normal. Hair is a natural substance and a few hairs will find there way out either on there own or if it was snagged. If a hair does come loose you can trace it back to the end caps and cut it off carefully with nail clippers or use tweezers and pluck it right in place


Any other questions please feel free to ask!