Horse Hair How To

Based in Franklinville, NY and ship internationally too!

Please read carefully do not skim read!



Clean and Ready - 1-4 business days

Dirty - 2-3 weeks

  • Dirty hair orders are processed and washed every other weekend and your order is then made up the following week.
  • During peak holidays this will push your order out an additional week or more so plan accordingly. Do not wait until the last minute to ship your horse hair in if you are purchasing this as a gift, I am not responsible for the amount of time it takes in shipping. I wish I had control over it but keep in mind I have zero control on how long your order takes to get back to you. I do understand it is very frustrating!!!
  • Orders are shipped back out with tracking via USPS First Class or USPS Priority; based upon order weight and paid shipping upgrade.


WASHED HAIR INSTRUCTIONS: Only wash your horse's hair with SHAMPOO and then let it naturally air dry for a day before packaging up and shipping! Do NOT use conditioner or any other special creams!



Q: I sent my horse's hair in clean why is it taking so long?

A: If you sent it in wet it will mold in the mail, if you used conditioner or a cream it will not stick to the glue in the end caps. It then must be washed and this increases your processing time from 1 day to 2 weeks.

Q. Have you received my horse's hair?

A: I do not send messages when your horse's hair arrives, but if you message me to inquire I will let you know if it arrived safely. Always use a tracking number and check it often and NEVER send all the hair you have on the rare chance it is lost!!! 

Q: I have still not received my package back?

A: Every now and then USPS will take there time with packages. There is nothing I can do, best advise is to call your local post office and ask what delays they have been seeing and estimated wait times.


  • Minimum length of 12-14 inches. 
  • Minimum bundle width of 1/2 inch or thickness of your pointer finger.
  • Mane or forelock hair is accepted as long as it meets the minimum requirement for length and bundle width, just note it tends to fry more easily. Make sure it is solid up to 12-14 inches then check the diameter at around 9 inches, this is the diameter of what your bracelet will be.
  • Minimum length of 6 inches.
  • Minimum bundle width of 1/2 inch or thickness of your pointer finger.
  • Great option for mane and forelock hair!


    • No minimum length or width, can be put onto the frame braided or straight.
    1. Collect the amount needed and secure it with a rubber band, hair tie, or tape.
    2. Place hair in a zip-lock bag and label with the horse's name.
    3. Place in a mailing envelope with your address on the outside, (this is what I use to pair up your order when it arrives) and then mail it to...
    Hoofbeat Designs
    9361 Older Hill Rd
    Franklinville, NY 14737
    4. Your order is then constructed and then individually packaged and shipped back to you with all remaining hair.
    *A helpful hint, if you have PayPal you can login to your account and go to and print shipping labels right from your home!



    If your order is deemed unsafe or instructions above where not followed it will be returned to you with tracking and your order will be refunded and canceled. Reasons include but not limited too,
    • rotten flesh 
    • excessive moisture/mold
    • infested with ticks/bugs
    • matted 
    • human hair
    • no info to pair up with order
    • no hair or communication within 30 days

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