Custom Order Sizing Guide

Here at Hoofbeat Designs all of our products can be customized and made to order.

Measurements Needed for Headstalls

    • Bit to Bit
      • Browband or Ear
        • Throatlatch
          • Bit to Buckle

            Bit to Bit - Measure from the corner of your horses mouth up around their poll and end on the other side at the corner of the mouth; this is the bit to bit measurement.

            Browband or Ear - Depending on if you want a browband or ear this is how you will measure for each. For the browband put a nylon halter on your horse and measure from the back side of the halter around the forehead where you want the browband to rest and end of the opposite side at the back of the nylon halter; this is the browband measurement. For the ear do the same just measure around your horses ear instead of the forehead.

            Throatlatch - Measure around your horses neck up over the poll where the throatlatch will lay and this is your measurement.

            Bit to Buckle - Similar to bit to bit, start at the corner of your horses mouth and then measure up their cheek to their eye; that is the bit to buckle measurement and will be the length of your cheek pieces and where your buckle will be on your headstall.


            *For best results it is recommended to use cloth tape measure (like that used in fabric sewing).


            PLEASE NOTE: Providing accurate sizes is the responsibility of the buyer. Custom orders are non refundable but if you do measure wrong I will work with you to fix it. Still unsure about sizing? Email at or message me on Facebook @ HDLeatherCo with any questions.