Leather Pommel Bag

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This full grain leather pouch attaches to the front or back of your pommel using thick elastic straps to fit any saddle. It has a button on the front which is a perfect closure; easy open, easy close and holds strong! The optional basket-weave design is hand stamped not machine made. The edges are hand-smoothed and hand dyed black to accent the stunning black button on the front, thick black elastic and strong black rivets on the back.

This bag is made from a specially designed newly created Latigo Leather. It has all the great benefits of old Latigo leather; strength, waterproof, and durability; but now has been specially made not to bleed like typical Latigo leather, even when wet! This leather looks and feels amazing, nice and firm and will age beautifully.

Fast to ship out in only 1-2 business days!
NEW names are now stamped with gold or silver foil!
Domestic hides are locally sourced and tanned right here in the USA.

This pouch is generously sized at 8" x 5" to fit a variety of items!

*We do not recommend riding alone with your cell phone attached to your saddle.*