Large Leather & Horse Hair Keepsake

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Handcrafted with latigo leather and inlaid with your horse's hair that you mail in and braided into a stunning fishtail braid. Your horse's name is added to the back in silver foil to give a beautiful pop. Each piece is carefully handmade with great attention to detail. I understand how important horses are in your life and I make sure each piece represents what the horse meant to you.


For FAQ, where and how to ship in your horse's hair please CLICK HERE.


Our products are very popular and to help us move faster and get your keepsake back to you even quicker we offer a $5 refund upon completion of your order if your horsehair was deemed clean. Refunds are only available on our website, they are not applicable on other platforms that we sell on. If it needed to be washed for any reason including but not limited to;

  • Being mailed wet and molded
  • Not properly cleaned and is still dirty
  • A cream or conditioner was added

These will void the refund. If not refunded the reason will be explained on the return packaging.

WASHED HAIR INSTRUCTIONS: Only wash your horse's hair with SHAMPOO and then let it naturally air dry for a day before packaging up and shipping! Do NOT use conditioner or any other special creams!