English Grab Strap - "OH S**T Handle"

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Leather grab strap, or more commonly known as the "OH S**T" handle. Easily snaps onto the D-rings on each side of your English saddles pommel or even your martingale. Perfect for lead line and lunge line beginner lessons, it can also be easily removed within seconds when they improve or when a different rider mounts. These provide the extra security, and stability that gives students the confidence to try new things or when things may not be going as planned.
It's the English saddle's alternative to the Western saddle's horn.

▪ Full-grain English Bridle Leather
▪ 14" from clasp to clasp, 3/4" wide
▪ Hand smoothed edges
▪ Black steel coated snaps

▪ At no additional cost
▪ I have 3 of each letter plus one additional vowel of each and you can do a max of 16 characters

*Please inspect your saddle regularly, and do NOT use if the leather around your saddle's dee rings is old, worn, torn, or cracked!