Nylon Halter Notched Leather Nameplate with Lace and Spots, Horse Tack

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A great way to add personalization to your horse's halters or bridles without causing permanent damage to your tack! Can be interchanged and reused however often you want.

While this lace design does take just a little longer to install, you get a better result with a guaranteed snug fit on any size nylon halter and your wrap won't come undone accidentally like with snaps or Chicago screws. Weave or braid it as simple or as integrate as you want there is no right or wrong way. Each leather plate comes with a full yard of strong kangaroo lace so you have plenty to work with and to save for later.

Also great on bridles while trail riding! Never fear your horse is lost, have your phone number or address attached to help them find their way home.