Pattern Polo Wraps - Set of 4

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Horse polo wraps are made with high-quality no-pill fleece and industrial-strength 2" strong velcro that will never come undone while you ride. This fleece is soft yet flexible, you can machine wash, but a mesh bag is recommended to ensure longevity.

Click Here to view our Drawstring Bag (not included)

A. They support the ligaments and tendons of the horse's lower legs while also providing protection from minor scrapes, bruises, irritation from sand, gravel, and debris kicked up in an arena. This can help prevent injury during strenuous workouts or while a horse is developing his strength during training sessions whether that be riding work, lunging, or even just turn out when wrapped correctly.
They also work great over bandages and can help cut down on the cost of vet wrap as these can be reused, unlike vet wrap.