About Us

Established in 2014, Hoofbeat Designs Leather Co. offers a wide variety of leather horse tack, equestrian accessories, and made to order memorials and keepsakes. Everything you see here is hand crafted in house, women owned and operated, and based in Western New York. 

Equestrian Inspired and Equestrian Created. That's right all the tack made here is made by an avid horse lover and owner. When Valerie is not in her leather shop you can find her busy engineering new items, out in the garden, or in the barn with her horses and goats. Valerie is also a 2012 SUNY Morrisville graduate with an Associates Degree in Equine Science and Management specializing in Western Breaking and Training.

Our Tack Models

First meet (Miss Lazy) Lexi, an 04 Branded Mustang Mare. This girl was a feed lot find that was hours away from being shipped to slaughter that day. Purchased in Early August of 2017 she came into our lives after losing another horse that was part of our family for over 14 years. She had very big hoof prints to fill and did it beautifully and helped fill a hole we feared would never heal. She came with her title and a note and in it described the most terrifying, unruly horse and almost sealed her fate if we had not taken a chance. Thank goodness we did!

Our second and newest addition is Murphy, a 1998 Paint/Draft/Standardbred Gelding that we our long term fostering for our local SPCA, we took him on in late March 2021. Before us he was emaciated and surrendered a couple times really to no fault of his own. First time because of cost, and second being lack of knowledge. He has still not gained back the proper fat and muscle that he needs and is still in need of a lot of groceries and time as he came to us head shy, but we are working on getting him to connect with us and to relax and realize he is in a safe place now. He will be modeling our tack later this year.

Thank you so much for stopping by and viewing all that Hoofbeat Designs has to offer. If you have any questions please email Valerie at sales@hoofbeatdesigns.com