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Rope Halter Leather Breakaway Tab

Rope Halter Leather Breakaway Tab

Handcrafted by Hoofbeat Designs

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These leather rope halter breakaway tabs are a great addition to your exciting horse's rope halters and a must-have for any horse owner.

Specially designed with your horse's safety in mind with harness leather they are perfectly sized to provide strength when needed but forgiving enough to break under high-stress situations, providing you peace of mind. Great for use while training, trailering, trail riding, or horse packing.

Photoed on Weaver Leather brand Silver Tip 1/4" Rope Halter.

I had these tested at a local university and the average breaking strength was 300lbs, but please note that this will vary based on where they were cut from the hide. It may stretch first before breaking, if this happens it is because it got close to the breaking weight. Simply replacing it is recommended as it is now compromised and will break more easily.

It is recommended that these are ONLY used while training, and NOT left on while your horse is unattended, we assume no responsibility, this is simply an aid to help in freak accidents.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews
Great product!

Great product n so far is working great.

The only thing I want to point out, the hole for the end of the rope halter was too small so I had do flip the breakaway tab n use the bigger hole for the halter end.
Your picture was showing the small hole to tie the halter but it was just too tight to pull through.

Great safety feature though. Thank you!!

Gena S
Just as described. Thank you!

Just as described. Thank you!

Pamela Q
This is made from nice sturdy leather. The...

This is made from nice sturdy leather. The brown looks very nice with my burgundy rope halter. Hopefully, I won't need this to snap, but I like the idea of added safety. Also, they arrived super quickly!

Rachel M
This arrived quickly and appears to be wel...

This arrived quickly and appears to be well made. I don't think it would break on a horse just being led or lunged. I do think it would break in a panic.

Chris L
Nice. Will be very useful. Highly recommen...

Nice. Will be very useful. Highly recommend.

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