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Veg Tan Leather Cow Tag Key Fobs

Veg Tan Leather Cow Tag Key Fobs

Hoofbeat Designs Leather Co.

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These handmade leather key fobs are a stylish and durable accessory. Crafted from high-quality leather, it offers a blend of elegance and functionality with its sturdy construction and classic design. Ideal for everyday use, it adds a touch of sophistication to your essentials while ensuring your keys are conveniently organized and accessible.

- Keep keys organized and easily accessible.

- Identification tags, especially in commercial settings or institutions

- The larger size of key fobs compared to individual keys can provide a better grip and make it easier to locate keys in a bag or pocket.

- Express your personal style.

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In an era of largely mass-produced items, it can feel a bit overwhelming knowing what will last and what is real. Here at Hoofbeat Designs, all our items are handmade in-house.

In addition to this, we also foster old horses, every purchase goes to helping them live a long and happy retirement, and knowing you helped an actual equestrian pay their feed & vet bills!